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  2. Semisubmersible Vessel Global Renewables Shipbrokers

    A semi-submersible vessel / deck carrier is majorly used in marine operations carrying production platforms, other floating vessels or heavy duty cargo. In simple terms, the semi-submersible vessel is supported by way of pontoons which are located under the water surface.

  3. Semi-submersible Barge for hire-Harmony Marine Shipbrokers

    As Barge specialists, we have a large range of barges for hire. This Semi-submersible barge is available for charter hire in North Sea/ Continent now. Submersible depth is 17m allowing this unit to submerge & load the largest of cargos avoiding dangerous & costly lifting operations Main Features Deadweight (cargo capacity) : 21,000 t Deck area []

  4. Used Semi Submersible Charter Vessel for Sale | Boats For , semi submersiable vessel brokerage

    Semi Submersible Charter Vessel. 9.6m x 3m powered by twin new Yamahas, 70HP (150 hours). In 1C and 1D survey (30 px plus 2 crew). Vessel also comes with a, semi submersiable vessel brokerageFind out more

  5. SN 1227 Semi Submersible Charter Vessel - Used & New , semi submersiable vessel brokerage

    Vessel also comes with a coral viewing licence and all associated equipment including advanced bookings. This iconic business is located in the Ningaloo region and has great growth potential with opportunitites also at Rottnest Island. Please call the office 08 9243 6373 or email [email protected] Com. Au for more information. Price , semi submersiable vessel brokerage

  6. DSB Offshore Ltd

    DSB Offshore is a plucky family brokerage, punching above its weight, and proud to be able to play an essential role in sizeable marine projects of international significance. We employ a dynamic team of shipbrokers, each having specialist regions, languages and vessel knowledge.


    The Semi-submersible Heavy Lift Vessels Operational Limits are to be included in the vessels Operation Manual. 3.3.2 Special Consideration of Operational Limits Any specific operational restrictions and safety requirements required by the flag Administration

  8. TIANJIN WINNEW HEAVY MARINE CO.,LTD ,Logistics Services ,Sea , semi submersiable vessel brokerage

    Our advantage: Semi-submersible vessel chartering and brokerage Heavylift and project logistics Towage and tugging General and RORO cargo chartering and booking Characteristic service: liner service for general and RORO cargo between China and Russian Far East Region Our cargo: Unit weight over 3000MT, such as Jack-up rigs, barges, naval ships , semi submersiable vessel brokerage

  9. ocean going towage - Equipmentimes, semi submersiable vessel brokerage

    ocean going towage Our home owners has a large experience in towage of all kinds of floating objects ranging from all types of vessels to rigs, barges, floating docks, barges, pipelines etc for the shipping as well as the offshore drilling and construction industries.

  10. Semi-submersible naval vessel - Wikipedia

    A semi-submersible naval vessel is a hybrid warship, that combines the properties of a surface ship and submarine by using water ballast to partially immerse and minimize its above-waterline profile, thereby improving its stealth characteristics when in hostile waters.

  11. Semi-submersible - Wikipedia

    Semi-submersible may refer to a self-propelled vessel, such as: Heavy-lift ship, which partially submerge to allow their cargo (another ship) to float into place for transport. Narco-submarine, some of which remained partially on the surface. Semi-submarine, which cannot fully submerge.

  12. SEMI SUBMERSIBLE CHARTER VESSEL - boatsonline, semi submersiable vessel

    9.6m x 3m powered by twin new Yamahas, 70HP (150 hours). In 1C and 1D survey (30 px plus 2 crew). Vessel also comes with a coral viewing licence and all associated equipment including advanced bookings.

  13. Semi-Submersible Fleet | COSCO Heavy Transport

    Semi-Submersible Fleet. The Vessels have been designed in close consultation with leading offshore, oil, and drilling companies in order to incorporate the latest developments in the industry. This provides for the safest, fastest and most reliable transports and installations within the semi-submersible market.

  14. CBP Pursues Self-Propelled Semi-Submersible Vessel | U.S , semi submersiable vessel brokerage

    Self-propelled semi-submersible vessels are low profile vessels designed to navigate low in the water to avoid detection. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations P-3 crews pursued this self-propelled semi-submersible vessel smuggling cocaine. The AMO crew maintained surveillance and coordinated an intercept with JIATF South.


    TIANJIN WINNEW HEAVY MARINE ,founded by Capt Lv and I,honest speaking,we are a small and Vibrant company. Since the company founded, we are always focus on the heavy transport and breakbulk chartering. Our advantage: Semi-submersible vessel chartering and brokerage Heav, semi submersiable vessel brokerage

  16. Semi-Submersible Drug Smuggling Vessel Stopped (2019)

    U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro (WMSL-755) crew members board a self-propelled semi-submersible drug smuggling vessel (SPSS) June 18, 2019, while operating in international waters in the Pacific Ocean.

  17. World largest semi-submersible cargo transport ship - YouTube

    Blue Marlin is the largest cargo transport ship in the world. It can carry up to 75,000 tonnes, measures 712 ft long and 138 ft deep, and has a deck the size of two football pitches. The deck is , semi submersiable vessel brokerage

  18. Ship Sales | Semi submersible For Sale

    Summary of Vessel Activity Semi submersibles are designed to work in the toughest offshore conditions compared to other ships. Also known as Semisubs, which are usually required for drilling activities within offshore sector, typical lifespan is usually 20 years before drydocking.

  19. Boats for sale China, boats for sale, used boat sales , semi submersiable vessel brokerage

    new building order / chartering 20,000 dwt self-propelled semi-submersible heavy load carrier POA China Commercial Vessels > Transport Ship For Sale

  20. Semi-Submersible Fleet | COSCO Heavy Transport

    Tai An Kou, Kang Sheng Kou, Xiang He Kou, and Xin Guang Hua are fully redundant class 2 DP semi-submersible heavy lift ships. The Xiang Rui Kou and Xiang Yun Kou have been fitted with a portable class 2 DP system. Fully Integrated Bridge System. All controls are centralized through a fully integrated system located on the bridg.

  21. Semi-submersible transport vessels -

    Another bright representative of a series of semisubmersible vessels is the transport Black Marlin. This is a most powerful cargo ship, different from other ships. It has a special capacity for lifting truly huge cargoes. In 2005, this semi-submersible transport vessel transported the refinery to its construction site.

  22. 2009 MSV Semi Submersible Submarine - yachtworld, semi submersiable vessel brokerage

    2009 MSV Semi Submersible Submarine All Electric which will hold a charge 9 to 10 hours powered by 4 marine sealed batteries that run the Minn-kota props 3-4 knots~ additionally, 2 batteries stored in the front work the track system. Dual joysticks-one for the topside and one for the passengers , semi submersiable vessel brokerage

  23. USAsia Logistics

    Charter Vessels Brochure. New Build Terminal and Escort Tugs Crew Vessels. Platform Supply Vessels DP2. Brokerage Agreements . 3rd Generation 70 Passenger 40.4meter Fast Supply Crew Vessels 2015. 10 Crew in 8 Berths w/ 2 Owner Cabins, Sickbay, Full Galley and Mess-6m USD$ Delivered by Heavy Lift Vessel to USA, Mexico, W. Africa, Med. Persian Gulf.

  24. Services | Global Trade & Transport, Inc.

    Welcome to Global Trade and Transport Solutions, Inc. Seagoing vessel carrier representation as asset management of owner-to-owner (not a broker) for: Heavy Lift/OOG vessels, MPPs, SSVCs - Semi-Submersible vessels, and Deck Carriers

  25. Submersible Barge for Charter -Harmony Marine Shipbrokers

    Please see our listings of semi submersible barges for charter hire (also known as submersible barges).These barges can submerge up to 17m to allow cargo to float on

  26. Barges for sale - DSB Offshore Ltd

    Barges for sale. As shipbrokers, were experts in the sale and purchase of flattop barges, holdbarges, rock barges, accommodation barges, semi-submersible barges and related specialised marine equipment. Our relationships with a global database of client owners, built up since the early 1980s, gives us a real competitive edge in this market.


    We are focus on the heavylift caargo and breakbulk cargo moving. Our advantage: Semi-submersible vessel chartering and brokerage, Heavylift and project logistics, Towing, General and RORO cargo chartering and booking. Characteristic service: Liner service for general and RORO cargo between China and Russian Far East Region.

  28. CBP P-3 Detects Semisubmersible -

    The task force coordinated an interdiction of the semi-submersible with a U.S. Coast Guard vessel in the area while the AMO crew maintained constant visual surveillance. Upon interdiction, the U.S. Coast Guard arrested four individuals operating the vessel. The semi-submersible became unstable and sank.

  29. 60ft Semi submersible Sub-13262 - Ocean Marine Brokerage Services

    Ocean Marine offers fishing vessels of all types - ranging from Shrimpers, Draggers to Long liners. The following vessels on this web site are just a sample of what we have to offer.

  30. Semi-Submersible MPP vessel for sale (small Dock Express , semi submersiable vessel brokerage

    we can secure for sale the following roro / semi-submersible mpp vessel: can float on cargo or ships with draft of max.7m (wog) type of vessel roro / semi-submersible mpp vessel built: 1984 nobiskrug shipyard, germany flag lebanon class society rina - ro-ro ship equippped for carriage of containers semi-submersible (note: the vessel has been approved for 5 years class for machinery , semi submersiable vessel brokerage

  31. Boats for sale Germany, boats for sale, used boat sales , semi submersiable vessel brokerage

    Engine(s) 2 x MaK / Krupp Mak Maschinenbau - GFR 6M 453 AK, 2.940 kw, 550 rpm, Propellers: 1 Controllable Pitch (Port Side) + 1 Controllable Pitch (Starboard)

  32. semi submersiable vessel brokerage

    semi submersible vessel brokerage for sale semi submersible vessel brokerage inc semi submersible vessel brokerage companies semi submersible vessel brokerage parts semi submersible vessel brokerage services semi submersible vessel brokerage service semi submersible vessel brokerage price semi submersible vessel brokerage system

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